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Staying in Chicago during Jingle Cross Weekend? Help support the development of Big Marsh and come join Half Acre Cycling for our annual CX Eliminator. A portion of the proceeds will go towards further development of this amazing area (Making future races even more fun and challenging).

Find out all the details and get pre-registered here: www.bikereg.com/cx-eliminator


Saturday, September 29, 2018
Registration open at 8:15am
Racing begins 9:00am
Day to be done by 3:00
See bikereg link above for specific start times


Big Marsh

11599 S Stony Island Ave

Chicago, Illinois


It’s been a slow return to cx since you put the bike away dirty in December.  Or you may have been racing road all Summer and are a little sick of doing 50 laps in a parking lot.  Or maybe you've been tearing it up at Palos and Kettle our nearest single track trails.  Or making racing at the track and would like to turn left for once.  Whatever your cause, there's something special about taking a perfectly good "road" bike and racing it through grass, gravel, and mud. That's where Half Acre Cycling's CX Eliminator comes in.  It's a cyclo-cross race, but not one you've done before (unless you did this last year).

You may not yet be in CX-season form, but you've got a hot lap in you.  You know it.  We know it.  We see the CX Eliminator as a tune-up.  Test those legs, practice those remounts, maybe work on your heckles a bit.  Clean up your bike, tighten the straps on your CX shoes, and leave the thermal skinsuit at home.  It's time to remind yourself that bike racing is fun.


  • H20: The park department has said the water will be turned on, but bring your own! Especially if warm temps forecast

  • Food: bring snacks BUT Three Legged Tacos will have their food truck on site in the afternoon serving up veg and meat fare.

  • Prizes/Sponsors: Half Acre Brewery and Johnny Sprockets will be providing goodies for the top steppers. MORE to come…

Follow the Facebook event for ongoing updates.


So what the heck is a "CX Eliminator"?

No, it's not a human-machine cyborg sent from the future to kill cyclo-cross or cyclo-cross racers.
"CX" stands for cyclo-cross.  That's the sport of taking perfectly good road bicycles (triangle frames, drop handlebars, big wheels) and riding them on grass and mud in an effort to destroy the bike as quickly as possible while covering oneself in the aforementioned grass and mud.  At least that's what it seems to be in practice.
An "Eliminator" is a race where heats of 8 racers complete one lap of a course.  The top half move to the next round of racing while the bottom half are "eliminated".  In this case, they grab a seat on the grass and heckle their favorite riders.

How is this going to work?

For Half Acre's CX Eliminator, each racer is guaranteed at least two races.  Each Heat of 8 racers will start a few minutes after the previous Heat, with a longer break between Divisions.  The takeaway here is just race as fast and clean as you can.  The eliminated riders from the first race will get to race in the Consolation Race before the Finals.  In each heat of the Elimination Rounds, racers will be randomly called-up and the top half of the racers go forward to the next Round, while the bottom half are done for the day.  Elimination Rounds are repeated until there are 8 or less racers remaining.  In the Championship Round, the top 3 racers to finish get to climb the podium, are heaped with praise, and earn immeasurable amounts of glory.

Do I have to pay for every round then?!

Nope.  Your race entry fee is for your Division, not Round.  You race until you're eliminated on the same ticket.

Can I sign-up for multiple Divisions?

Sure, they're your legs.  We shouldn't have two divisions on the course at the same time.  In the event we do, let us know and we'll work to make an accommodation for you.  However, keep in mind that these are hot laps and racing back-to-back is easier said than done.

Can I get a multiple race discount?

Yes, $5 if you pre-reg.  We won't really be making money on this, we just thought it'd be a fun/terrible idea.  After pre-reg?  $10 day-of.  Late registrations make things harder on everyone and you'll have to shoulder a tiny bit of that cost.

Whoa!  What if I'm not sure if I'm an A, B, or C?

First, this is a hot lap and the race is a series of hot laps.  Just go out there and give it your all.  You'd be surprised how the playing field changes when there aren't a ton of laps and crowded corners.  Second, use the guidelines given on the rules page.  You KNOW where you should be, no sandbaggers please!