Half Acre Cycling is USA Cycling's 2010 mid-size Club of the Year and the Illinois Cycling Association 2010 and 2011 Club of the Year. Find out more about us.


Half Acre Cycling is a small, intimate group of riders who know each other's names. We'd like to think we focus on the overall quality rather than sheer quantity and we'd rather be remembered for our good camaraderie and sportsmanship than for just being fast. But if you're a friendly and committed rider and you like what you see here, you might be a good fit.

Between racing, training, and whatever else people do when not riding, we do get together for group road rides. We consider these 'pick-up' rides because a group may or may not amass. Depending on who shows, route and pace is decided. These are 'drop' rides so be prepared with map or smart phone to find your way if you fall off the back. Bring flat changing materials just in case.