Half Acre Cycling is USA Cycling's 2010 mid-size Club of the Year and the Illinois Cycling Association 2010 and 2011 Club of the Year. Find out more about us.


Hello from Half Acre Cycling and welcome to our webpage.  We are a Chicago based team (some offshoots here 'n there) who ride/race the gamut of disciplines:  road, track, mountain, cyclocross plus gravel if you consider that another one.   We love to ride and race our bikes.  As a team we try to put on events and support causes that bring new racers to the scene and try to make racing fun.  We challenge ourselves but try to keep it all in perspective.  Check out the tabs to learn more about us and our fabulous sponsors that support us and if you have questions please email us at hello at half acre cycling dot org.  Hope to see you out there on whatever two wheels you're rolling.


A Hard Fought Season Closer