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One of our core beliefs as a team is making racing available to all by removing obstacles to participation. If you have an interest in racing, please get in touch with us; we’d love to help you get out there and race!

If you’d like to help fund our BIPOC or gender equity grants beyond buying merch, you can donate here.

BIPOC Race Fee Grants

In memory of beloved Half Acre Cycling teammate Adé Hogue, who lost his life in a traffic crash in 2021, we provide funds to help BIPOC riders participate in race events. These grants are open to BIPOC racers of any age, and the application process is super easy (see below for steps).

In 2022, with the funds raised in the initial campaign, we helped about a dozen racers attend two dozen events around the country, including gravel, road, track, and cyclocross races. Thanks to all the folks who’ve shared this program (and continue to share it), and for everyone helping us remember our teammate Adé in this way.

HAC Gender Equity Grants

There’s an undeniable gap between cisgender men and any other gender identity in bike racing, and we provide racing grants to help more people of underrepresented genders race. This grant is open to transgender and non-binary racers, women, and anyone else who is from an underrepresented gender identity.

Grant application process

  1. To apply for funds, please fill out our application form. You may do this before registering or up to a month after the event date.
  2. Our team treasurer will get back to you promptly regarding your request.
  3. Depending on the timing of your message, please be prepared to provide either the receipt for the paid entry fee, or a link to show the registration cost to confirm how much you’re requesting.
  4. At this time, grants are limited to $200 per racer each calendar year, but that can be used for one or a few expensive races, or lots of cheaper races.

HAC merchandise supports our grants

We have some pretty sweet merchandise, but what’s even sweeter is that all proceeds from our merchandise support our BIPOC and gender equity race grants. Help support our race grants: