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Founded in 2007, Half Acre Cycling is an amateur bicycle racing team based in Chicago. We compete in cyclocross, road, gravel, track, and mountain biking.

Who we are

We’re a friendly and social group of folks who love bikes, improving our skills, advancing our sport, and keeping cycling fun, accessible, and safe for all.

Our team is extremely supportive of every member. No matter your experience level, ability, age, race, gender, or bike discipline, we cheer one another on–and we usually do it loudly and with delicious sponsored beverages and tasty treats in hand. As a USAC-licensed club, we have racers of all genders who race in categories 2 through 5/Novice.

We’d love to meet you! Come ride with us, and feel free to stop by our tent at races and say hi.

Why we bike

Our team was named Club of the Year in 2021 among USA Cycling’s mid-size clubs, but we don’t let it get to our heads–we prioritize good times and giving back.

Though we’re a racing team, we focus on more than the results. Our goal is to make cycling accessible to all, and we host a series of events, group rides, BIPOC race fee grants, and gender equity grants.

A photo of women on the Half Acre Cycling team.

Making cycling inclusive for all

We know that cycling can feel intimidating to some and we’re committed to breaking down barriers to our sport.

Our aim is to be an approachable team making the sport open to all genders, all races, all ages, and all abilities. We’d like to move cycling into being a much more diverse sport–at present it’s predominantly white–and there’s no reason that should continue to be the case.

Trans women are women, and the rides and races that we sponsor are always welcoming to trans/femme/non-binary folks who do not identify as a man.