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Fox River Grove Omnium (Elgin) - To preem or prime...

After I got in a good warm up I took my free lap and was incredibly excited about the course. My excitement was generated by the tight S-turns accompanied by elevation changes and passing through them feels like you're on a roller coaster ride -- except better.

I got a good starting position and lead the first lap before peeling off and letting someone else partake in the work. Omnium sprint points were called and I was in good position but got held up in the S-turn behind other riders and the sprint points were easily taken by another rider. A few preems were announced and while I wouldn’t have minded an autographed picture of the Vanderkittens, I decided to hold my position at the front of the peloton and wait for a counter attack which never came.

Throughout the race I was able to maintain 5th wheel, but kept getting pushed to the front to do work. With 6 laps to go I started to have to fight for position more often. I found that I kept having to sneak through the S-turn to gain back positions. But I could have went on that roller coaster ride all day, bombing down the slight incline cutting the corner sharply while accelerating up the hill.

With two to go, Paul from Jus d'Orange took off and the field chased him. In the process I got pushed back by fresh riders. My legs were screaming and I relented for a second, but what I should have done at that point is to attack my mind and get myself back to the front. We approached the final set of corners and I got on what I thought was a quick wheel.  I was ready for the bunch sprint going in to the S-turn, but got pushed out of position, awkwardly, coming out of S-corner.  Losing momentum and seeing the bunch sprint far ahead of me, I let up, coasting in for a 10th place finish.  Later, I was told that I almost got overtaken by the chase group.

-Jake Cramer


We just can't get enough.

"Fox River Grove,": the "Subaru Cup,": the "Lumberjack 100,": and "Northbrook Velodrome": just didn't offer enough racing for HAC for one week, so Adrian and Julie braved the traffic and crossed the cheddar curtain for some Wednesday night racing at Crystal Ridge, organized by the friendly folks at the "Metro Mountain Bikers.":  The field was small, the race was laid back, the riders were super friendly, and the time on trail was just what the doctor ordered.  Julie's race report is "here.":

Meanwhile, John Cline, traveling trackman extraordinaire, has been hitting up racing at Kenosha and Major Taylor velodromes.  He's been sharing his results and relating his stories "here.":


Takin' some heat in the Grove

HAC roadies Adrian, Dave, Eric, Isaiah, and Joe braved the Nordic Ski Hill climb and took on the Fox River Grove Cycling Challenge last Saturday, which, by all accounts, lived up to the "challenge" in its name.  With temperatures hitting summer heat for the first time since 2008 and no breeze to speak of, the climb blew fields apart.  Dave says, "THIS RACE COURSE ROCKED! A definite must attend next year."  And "Joe shares this two-part photo race report.":   The vomit on the side of the road next to the descent said all that could be said about that race, but we promise, it wasn't ours.