WORS Cup - Amateur XC Cat 2 Women

This was my first MTB race of the year, which seems crazy, but it has been a tough year for training between lots of work, travel, & some illness. The trail was smooth and not very technical (although the climbing was pretty tough), and the race was short--only about an hour--so it was a good one to get my feet wet again. Ultimately, I was pretty happy to finish mid-pack, and probably would have caught the woman in front of me for top 3 age group if I had another lap. Mentally I felt strong--stayed in my own race and focused on riding well and not getting too panicked when I got passed by a group of folks on the multi-track on the first lap. The result was a faster, smoother second lap and I passed most of the folks back on the uphill chicanes. 

It was a fun weekend with so many HAC teammies there and lots of Friends-of-HAC around too. Felt almost like a local race. Thanks for the good times, friends.

-Jen M.