Jamie says:

Day 2: big brekkie, F1, 2 rides, 70 miles, ~6000 feet of climb, rain and pain. our cabin is perched on top of death mountain, 3 miles of climb that starts out at around a 12% grade... If you want to get home, you gotta earn that s**t. there isn't a flat piece of ground in Asheville, but man we are loving it!

Kate says:
lessons from riding through the Appalachian Mountains: do not use baptist churches as landmarks.

Quotes from today's rides: "Car back. Car back. Car back. Car up. Wolf." "Car back. Car up. Hole. Car back. Car back. Herd of wild turkeys. Car back." Jason: "They don't put those at the bottom of the mtn." Vince: "What?" Jason: "Radio towers." Vince: "I feel like fing Lewis and Clark." Kate: "I don't think Lewis and Clark had Garmins." Vince: "We don't either- not picking up a signal."