10 lap tempo - I might've gotten a point in the first or second lap, have to wait on full results to get posted. After that I dropped way off from too much time at the front and finished somewhere around last.

5 mile race - Hung with the group and stayed on a wheel 95% of the race. with two laps to go, I thought Josh Arends, Josh Hughes, and I were organized enough toward the front and I could tell everyone else was thinking about position for the sprint already because no one was moving over the top anymore. I decided to go for it knowing I wouldn't last for 2 laps, but might be able to string the field out and hopefully one of the Joshes would get my wheel as I went. Not sure how that played out in the results, because after about 3/4 of a lap I was gassed and pulled up, finishing last as customary.

Belgian Win-n-out, aka the race for 5th, then 4th, then 3rd...etc. - After the neutral and 3 laps, both Joshes were on the front, so Josh A decided it was his time and went with Josh H right on his wheel resulting in 5th and 4th places respectively. By this time in the night it had gotten quite cool out and I had not brought anything warm to wear, resulting in no longer being warm/warmed up - I think you know where I'm going with this - middle pack finish.

Room for improvement = plenty.
Knowledge gained = most definitely.
Will bring trainer and jacket next time = affirmative.

_--Gavin Gould_