Putting on 5 nights of crits means lots of set-up, tear down, corner marshal work, registration, and more.  If you came out and raced this week, you have these people to thank for it...

First, our supervolunteers- folks who came out to help just because they're awesome: registration ladies Molly Godlewski (Flatlandia) and Jeanette Rho (Cuttin Crew) and corner marshals Jeff Perkins (Cuttin Crew), Ben Fietz (Cuttin Crew), Kristen and Jason Meshberg (Flatlandia), Ellie Blick, and Chelsea Trader, and set up and sweep helper Michael Young (XXX).  Jane O'Brien came out every night to volunteer, and she's not even a bike racer.... yet!

Special thanks to Cathy Frampton who brought us hot cocoa and home-made banana bread and Jane O'Brien who brought a gigantic banana bread.  We were well fed!

We couldn't do it without the support crew either.  Chicago Parks District, Alderman John Pope, 4th District Chicago Police, our EMTs Peter and Jillian, Officials Steve, Mike, Mark, and Dan.  Thanks to Amy Dykema for taking great photos, and thanks to our sponsors, Half Acre Brewing and <a href="http://www.gapersblock.com">Gapers Block.</a>

And finally, shout out to the HAC riders who came out and worked hard to make it happen:  Erica Chianese, Dan Labovitch, Sarah Lu, Paul-Brian McInerny, Jennifer Mosley,  John Cline, Tegan Brace, Chris Jensen, Niki Myer and family, Martinique Haller, Isaiah Jay, Jennifer Kick, Pip Potter, Martinique Haller, Ben Popper, Al and Jacob Thom, Ariel Knauff, Matt Fraiser, Will Godfrey, Josh Arends, Jen Kick, Jeremy Treister, Jason Mathis, Zach Thomas, Eric Shivvers, Vince Giocovino, Tom MacNeill-Zimmerman, Joe Henry, Adrian Silva, Gavin Gould, Josh Hughes, and more.  Sorry if we missed anyone- it was a busy week!