Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that came to Monday's event to give love and hugs as well as those who used the paypal to support her family-- even people who didn't know Audrey were helping out.  Together, we all raised more than $3000.

The contributions will help Audrey and her mom Sue as they fly to Arizona today.  A second surgery is coming up next week to remove a large growth in her abdomen.  Final word on her brain tumor is that it was a stage 2 glioma, and doctors are still evaluating how best to treat the remaining ~10%.

After taking time to recoup at mom's we hope to have Audrey back here as soon as possible to continue partaking in our shared passion of bikes, pizza, and beer.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who's supported Audrey and her family in these tough times, including Amy Dykema, Andrew Leith, Angela Stich, Avi Neurohr, Beth and Pip Potter, Cathy Frampton, Chicago Cuttin' Crew, Chris Jensen, Chris Keating, Dan and Lisa Labovitch, David and Bobbi Bowers, Gavin Gould, Gillian Reagan, Isaiah Jay and Jane, Jamal Rogers, Jamie Geidinghagan, Jane Hereth, Jason and Megan Mathis, Jeff Perkins, Jennifer Groen, Jennifer Mosely and Paul-Brian McInerney, Jessica Skolnik, Joe Henry, Joshua Arends, Julie and Ben Popper, Julie and Gerrerd Abrams, Kate Carolan, Keara Shipe, Kevin Clark, kisha hope, Lauren Moses-Brettler, Louis Kuhn, Marisa Franchini, Michael Castelle, Michael Young, Mike Hemme, Naz Hamid, Paolo Urizar, Ronit Bezalel, Ryan Thormann, Sarah Lu, The Thom Family, Thomas MacNeill-Zimmerman, Vincent Giovinco, Zach Thomas and Allison Grant.