Sure, we all show up to races hoping to win.  But sometimes, that win isn't a first place... sometimes it's just beating that dude that beat us last week.  And sometimes, that dude is a teammate.

HAC's had its own rivalries heating up on the cyclocross course this year, and among the Category 3 men, the race isn't for first in the field-- it's for first HAC finisher.

The competition started at the Ohio UCI3 weekend, where Bowers, Thomas, and Jensen battled it out for three days to see who would come out on top.  Day 1, Zach beat out Chris and Dave for the win.  Day two, though, Chris came in first followed by Dave and Zach in third.  Day three, it was Zach back on top.  You know it's on when your teammates are both "nemesis" and "victims" on your <a href=""></a> page.

Since then, they've brought the rivalry to the ChiCrossCup, where it seemed like things might get sorted out with Zach on top... until Chris pulled out the win on November 1.  And just last week, Dave bested the HAC field.  It's anyone's series!  Al just keeps getting stronger, Adrian is riding cleaner, Helge is coming on strong late in the season, Kevin's got a new bike to rocket away on, Soupy's ready to rumble, and Tim has secret sprinting powers.

Who will come out on top?  I think we'll be waiting 'till Montrose to find out.   Come on out and cheer on your favorite!