Half Acre Cycling and HRS/Rock Lobster congratulate Supergirl, 2009 Official Illinois State Cyclocross Awesomeness Champion Award winner.

Supergirl was a mainstay at Chicago Cross Cup races, from Jackson Park to Montrose, always in costume, always cheering, always racing, always positive.  As part of the South Chicago Wheelmen, Supergirl also helped promote/put on one of the best CCC races of the year, too.

Most importantly, though, Supergirl helped make racing awesome for everyone, showing up early and staying late to cheer on other fields, shouting, handing-up, heckling, and encouraging.  He raced hard, then cheered hard, all with heart.

Many, many racers were awesome this year embodied the spirit of cyclocross including Petra, Greg, Flannel Mike, the Thom boys, and more, and we considered each of them for this award.   Awesomeness definitely hit a fever pitch in the series this year, and I think we all can agree that it made this year's CCC the best ever.