DeKalb/Chicago, IL - September 21, 2009 - North Central Cyclery and Half Acre Cycling, co-promoters of the Hopkins Park Cross/Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series Race #2, released details on registration for the Officially Unofficial Illinois State Cyclocross Single Speed Championship (OUISCSSC) presented by Yojimbo's Garage (Chicago, IL) today.

Registration will be on-site only, $10 for any racer regardless of other race registrations. Racers should indicate they would like to register for the OUISCSSC at check-in. All competitors will be required to present their valid USAC license or purchase a 1-day license on-site.

The OUISCSSC race will be held at HIGH NOON on October 4, 2009. The race will last 30 minutes and will finish on the lead lap of the heat. Bikes allowed for entry must have a single usable gear, and must feature a working brake.

Questions regarding the OUISCSSC race should be submitted to Christopher Jensen, Co-chair, at iamameatpopsicle at gmail