Bend, OR- Half Acre Cycling's own Julie Popper thundered through the Cyclocross Nationals course on Saturday night to win the <a href="">2009 Cyclocross Athena Champion of the Universe.</a>

"I'd describe the course as murderous," commented Popper.  "I think the key to the race was the heavy drinking I did before and during the race.  I doubt I would have even started had I been sober enough to realize the dicey skating rink I was about to ride through."

Though the course was treacherously icy and rutted, Popper endured the 4-lap race without crashing her borrowed <a href="">Rock Lobster</a>, though she went down three times in her two lap warmup.  She bested a field of talented racers, including some of the Clydesdale men, and Santa Claus.

Her prize for winning this heralded title is free frites at the 2010 Cross Crusade races.

(photo: <a href="">Amy Dykema</a>)