"Fox River Grove,":http://halfacrecycling.org/reports/takin-some-heat-in-the-grove the "Subaru Cup,":http://halfacrecycling.org/reports/wors-4-mt-morris-2-for-2 the "Lumberjack 100,":http://halfacrecycling.org/reports/leadville-100 and "Northbrook Velodrome":http://halfacrecycling.org/reports/our-track-squad-weighs-in-with-this-exciting-race-report just didn't offer enough racing for HAC for one week, so Adrian and Julie braved the traffic and crossed the cheddar curtain for some Wednesday night racing at Crystal Ridge, organized by the friendly folks at the "Metro Mountain Bikers.":http://www.metromountainbikers.com  The field was small, the race was laid back, the riders were super friendly, and the time on trail was just what the doctor ordered.  Julie's race report is "here.":http://slowbikefastlife.blogspot.com/2009/06/zoomlove.html

Meanwhile, John Cline, traveling trackman extraordinaire, has been hitting up racing at Kenosha and Major Taylor velodromes.  He's been sharing his results and relating his stories "here.":http://leisureproductions.com/blog/