In the second lap of my first track race I thought to myself, "I don't know what I'm doing".  Three weeks later, on my second night of track racing I put that first nights experience to use.  The first race of the night was a 15 lap scratch, my best race. I finished sixth after being edged out at the line by Josh from Team Beer'd.  We then had a very short rest while four women did a miss and out and two citizens did a chariot race.  The second race, was a devil's scratch. I was the fifth rider out, which gave me some extra rest.  I felt good for the third and final race, a 20 lap points race.  I finished somewhere in the bottom half of the 22 man field, but was hanging with the lead group for the first 15 laps. Sprinting on three points laps and for one prime wiped me out.  A great night of racing at the velodrome.