The day of Glencoe Grand Prix 2009 was one of those days that's now forever burned into my memory - literally. I assume every race report of this race will probably have some mention of the high temperature and thick humidity that was probably in the 100 degree range. I felt a little silly packing gear in the car and the dash telling me it's 92 degrees out, and that's at 10 am. I still managed a smile because I could reflect back to how much I hate Chicago winters, and that was motivation enough.

Getting to the start line I realized that I managed to easily find the back of the field. After a "D'oh" moment to myself while rolling up to the back of the start, I knew that it was going be a long day after all.

Fast forwarding to the end because it's all I really remember... after 45 minutes of profusely sweating and feeling as though I'm in a smelly uncooled unventilated high school boy's locker room with the stench overwhelming me (which was probably my own), riders crossed the finish line in spectacular fashion.

It was great to be out there with those that raced and those that came out to watch us. There's always winners and losers, but in a lot of ways I felt crossing that line was a type of win itself at Glencoe, and I've got some great sunburn as my prize. (Photo: Amy)

 -Stan Sterlinski