It's been miserably cold and relentlessly snowy lately, yet the spring race season has been staring us down like a recess bully that means business.  Whether it's road, track, or trail, this is the time to lay the foundation for fast and fun, and Half Acre Cycling riders are finding creative ways to get their workouts in, even in frigid, pancake-flat Chicago.

The "you're insane" award goes to Al, who's been heading to the trails at Palos early in the morning just about every morning.  "Snow, sun, sub-zero, or slick,": nothing much stops him.  He'll put some studded tires on his trusty steed and own the empty trails.

While much of the team is still squeezing in on-the-road workouts when it's tolerable, some have found cross-training is the way to go.  Amanda's hitting up the yoga studio, Audrey's doing cardio and weights at the gym, Naz and Julie are running with their dogs, and Chris is playing indoor soccer.  Anything that gets the heart rate up helps, right?

But the common thread in all of our workout plans seems to be rollers and trainers.  About half the team is joining in the group trainer sessions, "Gavin is battling it out with rollers in a lonely hallway": , and "Zach's riding his trainer until his mind turns to mush":  The 'how to stay sane on the trainer" issue seems to be on everyone's mind lately.  What we wouldn't do for a nice, long, hilly ride!

Spring is coming and we're all getting there, somehow.  We ride our bikes because we love to, but for now, anything that fills in the little boxes in the workout plan counts.  When race day rolls around, it will surely make the first time out far less painful.

 -Julie Popper