Half Acre Cycling is proud to introduce our 15 cross-country focused riders for 2009, ranging from first-time beginners to experienced racers. We are extremely excited that 6 of those 15 are women- one of the strongest fields around. We're also recruiting teammates from the oval and the pavement and we'll be joined at races from time to time by the drop-bar types. We believe in rigid, hardtail, FSR, singlespeed, 26, 29, 69, and local brews.  We're looking forward to riding some trail, going fast, having fun, and racing with heart.

One of the challenges of being trail riders in Chicago comes from how we straddle several different racing series. This year, we will be racing some of the PAMBA, DINO, WORS, and WEMS series races, along with our nearby indy races-- Do the Rock hosted by the Rock Cut Trail Crew and Palos Meltdown hosted by CAMBR. We will again be fielding a 4-woman 12-hour relay team for the WEMS series, and some of our riders are looking outside the region to target races like Leadville, the Mohican 100 or other endurance events.  We're also planning group trips to Ray's Indoor.  Sweet.

Just like last year, we come armed with tent and beer.  We'll be the ones smiling on the trails and then smiling even harder afterward.  There will be blood, there will be mud, and there will be lagers and ales.  It's going to be awesome.

Half Acre Cycling's 2009 dirtbags:

Amanda Barbato, Ronit Bezalel, Mike Campbell, Erica Chianese, Jason Henry, Dan Labovitch, Paul-Brian McInerney, Bob Meinig, Kristina Meinig, Helge Pedersen, Julie Popper, Bryan Scheel, Audrey Thibeau, Al Thom, Keith Wilkinson