Hey All! Thanks to everyone for helping Monday night go off without a hitch!! Three more nights of awesome to go.

Couple of things:
If you picked up your number and raced last night, please make sure to KEEP your number. It is assigned to you for the duration of the week. However, you still must check in at the Registration tent each night so that we know you're present and planning to race.

Results for Monday night are available <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao0t8UM4LTocdFhtbU9pNFBUMGJOb0pTRHVpRmlvOGc#gid=0">HERE</a>. Please remember, the officials do their best to place everyone, but only promise up to the first ten. Sometimes they're able to get more, sometimes a tad less. Thanks for understanding! If you spy an error in these results, please let us know via email to erichi363 at gmail. All results will eventually be posted to USAC.

See you tonight!