We are proud and honored to represent all of our sponsors.  Without their support we could not achieve our racing goals, put on great clinics, and run our criterium series each year.  We enjoy their wares and services and hope you will check them out too! 

Half Acre Beer

Our namesake.  We are honored to represent this local Chicago brewery and appreciate their support.  Depending on the rules of the event we are racing at, you'll find a cooler of suds to sample.  But really you should check out the store near Lincoln Square for bombers, growlers, cans, t-shirts, tours...not to mention the tap room.

Johnny Sprockets

How can a cycling team race without the proper gear?!  Our shop sponsor has our backs when it comes to service, equipment, and support.  We have no doubt they'd be the answer to whatever you're looking for.  Also, we partner up for viewing parties of the Spring Classic races, JS provides the party place, we supply refreshments.   Keep an eye on the events page or if you haven’t been there in a while, drop in and check out their new space


Proper fuel is essential for us to keep those pedals moving.  With a variety of flavors and power depending on our needs we keep our bottles filled with Carborocket at all times.  They also now have a recovery formula for post effort.  (insider review: delish!)  Look for their table at the ChiCrossCup series for samples.


This sponsor has us covered from head to toe.  Besides riding their fantastic assortment of rigs, we enjoy wearing their shoes, putting our rumps on their saddles, and protecting our noggins from those occasional mishaps in their helmets and everything in between!  Get your hands on some at Johnny Sprockets.

CMIT Solutions

It's hard to keep up with all the new technology these days, sometimes you need a hand to get your network and computer in check. This technology team can provide your business with a wide array of computer consulting and managed services needs. Any service you need they can do it.

Mad Alchemy

100% Natural | 100% Pure. While there are a number of excellent body care products on the market, there can only be one "best" and Mad Alchemy have earned their place atop the podium. Made in Colorado, Half Acre Cycling racers trust Mad Alchemy embrocation, chamois creme, and other skin care products to keep working, no matter how tough conditions get, from CX races in sub-zero temps to mid-Summer 250K gravel rides. #SockDoping


Racing is go-go-go but sometimes it's important to slow down or even stop.  The brakes of TRP have got us covered when that tree or corner is coming up a little too quick.  No matter what discipline you ride these folks have what you need.

Dark Matter Coffee

Coffee is the traditional pre-ride (and often mid-ride) beverage for a reason. It’s perfect, and we’re partial to Dark Matter for our caffeine needs. Check out their locations or shop online!