We're out there!

Between racing, training, and whatever else people do when not riding, we do get together for group road rides. We consider these 'pick-up' rides because a group may or may not amass. Depending on who shows, route and pace is decided. These are 'drop' rides so be prepared with map or smart phone to find your way if you fall off the back. Bring flat changing materials just in case.  Most often we hop on one of the established rides listed below.

We help support Johnny Sprockets' group rides that meet at their shop.  This ride is great for people new to group riding and racers looking for a recovery ride.  The approximately 20 mile route is very straightforward and scenic.  Because rides are not every week, be sure to check with Johnny Sprockets to see if they are riding.

Our typical weekday pick-up ride meets at at 6:15pm in Winnemac Park (Damen and Winnemac) once it stays light out later.  From there, we ride north through the Skokie Lagoons or Highland Park (often drawn to muffins and espresso on weekends). Expect a pace around 18 to 25 mph with a few traditional sprint spots along the route.

Visit our forum to find out if there is a ride. To gain access, drop us an email: hello at halfacrecycling.org and ask to get set up with a login. Please note: this is applying for forum access, not HAC membership. We also have open trail and CX threads for anyone looking for non-paved riding.

We will host 'no-drop' road rides once in a while. These will have two ride hosts, one to lead the way and the other to make sure no one falls behind. This is a great opportunity to learn to ride in a group and for newer riders to push the pace by having a wheel to follow. Please check our events page for upcoming no-drop rides.

Below is a list of organized rides around the city.  You'll probably find a few of us at many of these.  If you have any questions or rides you'd like us to add/edit below, email us!