Dig deep in those closets and the back of those dressers to find any cycling, cold weather gear, or active wear that you just don't put to use anymore.  We all know that it takes time to develop those key staples that get you through every cycling season.  Now you can help West Town Bike's program participants ride deeper into the winter with the proper gear!  Donations will serve youth and under-served communities.

Where and when to give:

11/2 at the hpiChicago time trial event from 5-8

11/3 Campton Cross, stop by the Half Acre Tent

11/10 Psi-clocross for Live, Half Acre Tent

11/16-17  Indian Lakes, West Town Bikes Tent

Lot's of opportunities in the next few weeks to round up those goods!  We all have those extra pieces that don't fit or make into the rotation anymore.  Smaller sizes preferred so that we have items to fit the kids but we'll accept all items.  Anything from head to toe will be much appreciated!

To learn more about West Town Bikes and their amazing youth programs click here.