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Gapers Block Crits Tuesday Results!

Welp, we did our best to contact the city ahead of time to make sure the lights were turned on for the entire week but, alas, they did not come on in time last night for the Cat 4/5 race to happen. Calls have been made and the CDOT Bureau of Electricity are on the case! We are sorry that you dudes did not get to race last night due to the dark, but we really appreciate your patience and understanding!

For those of you who DID get to race, here are Tuesday night's <a href = "">RESULTS</a>. If you suspect any errors, please let us know via email to erichi363 at gmail.


Gapers Block Crits Monday Results!

Hey All! Thanks to everyone for helping Monday night go off without a hitch!! Three more nights of awesome to go.

Couple of things:
If you picked up your number and raced last night, please make sure to KEEP your number. It is assigned to you for the duration of the week. However, you still must check in at the Registration tent each night so that we know you're present and planning to race.

Results for Monday night are available <a href="">HERE</a>. Please remember, the officials do their best to place everyone, but only promise up to the first ten. Sometimes they're able to get more, sometimes a tad less. Thanks for understanding! If you spy an error in these results, please let us know via email to erichi363 at gmail. All results will eventually be posted to USAC.

See you tonight!


For Racers, From I-GO Car Sharing

It takes a lot of volunteers to have the Gapers Block Crits run smoothly and to help many of us who don't own a car get down to Calumet Park, <a href="">I-GO Car Sharing</a> has been a godsend. I-GO is happy to help us get around and even more awesome of I-GO, they want to extend a deal to those of you racing at the Gapers Block Crits this week!! <a href="">Join I-GO</a> for only $25 (SAVE $50!!) and get $10 in free driving. Use the promo code "GAPERSBLOCK." Offer expires 5/31/13.


We Love Johnny Sprockets and Johnny Sprockets Loves You!

As you know, our favorite bike shop (and also a rad sponsor!), <a href ="">Johnny Sprockets</a>, is doing something special this year for the Gapers Block Crits newly minted beginners-only Category 5 race. Not only is Johnny Sprockets donating some great swag for our daily raffles (if you pregregistered, it means you're already in the raffle!), but the shop is also donating some AMAZING items for the top three Cat 5 Omnium winners and we think it's going to get you guys extra pumped about racing this week. Are you ready to hear about theses prizes? Because we can't wait to tell you that the 3rd place winner will be receiving a Johnny Sprockets cycling hat & t-shirt, 2nd place will receive a certificate for bike fit in the brand new <a href="">fit studio</a>, and 1st place will get a sweet, sweet Johnny Spockets winter cycling jacket.

We have to say, we're super excited to have Johnny Sprockets involved with the Gapers Block Crits this year and we know that they're just as excited about you guys racing your bikes. Thank you, Johnny Sprockets!! We love you guys!

(More info throughout the week about our other awesome sponsors who are donating swag and samples to help spread the love at this week's Gaper's Block Crits as well as prizes for the ladies!)


SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Registration for Gapers Block Crits Opens!!

Spring is right around the corner (we promise!) and that also means that Half Acre Cycling's <a href="">Gapers Block</a> Crits is fast approaching! We know you've already marked your calendars for the evenings of March 25-28 to race in Chicago's very own <a href="">Calumet Park</a>, but now you should also mark them for this Sunday night because that's when PREREGISTRATION opens! Register <a href="">HERE</a>.

You may notice that we're trying something a bit different this year. In order to make our annual practice criterium series even more beginner friendly, we've added a Cat 5 ONLY heat in addition to our traditional Cat 4/5 heat. And to sweeten the deal even more with some prizes our beginners, our favorite bike shop, <a href="">Johnny Sprockets</a>, is sponsoring the Cat 5's!

Keep your eyes peeled for more details and updates over the next few weeks. We hope you're just as excited as we are to ring in the road season next month!


Day-of Registration Details for the Gapers Block Crits (how to come prepared)

Holy cats! We're less than a week away from the first night of our 5th annual Gapers Block Crits! How fast the time goes!

<a href = "">Registration</a> closes tomorrow evening and there are still two spots left in the Women's 4 category. Come on ladies! Who wants to nab those??

For those of you not already registered, we have reserved several spots in each category for day-of registration. If you are registering day-of, here are some tips for what you can do to come prepared and help registration go smoothly:

*Fees per race will be $20/day for men and $10/day for women. Please come prepared with cash or a check.

*If you do not hold a USAC license, there will be an additional $10/day licensing fee.  Again, cash or check only.

*If you <b>HAVE</b> a USAC Annual license fill out <a href="">this</a> form and bring it with you.

*If you <b>DO NOT</b> have a USAC annual license and don't plan on getting one yet fill out <a href="">this</a> form and bring it with you.

Can't wait to see you all next week!


Women Junior Girls and Transgender Road Racing Clinic

All Ages welcome!

Half Acre Cycling is having our Yearly Spring Road Clinic!

Date/Time: Saturday, March 16th 1 pm ~ 4 pm

Location:  Gompers Park Field House:   4222 West Foster Chicago, IL 60630
Cost: *FREE*, courtesy of the "Illinois Cycling Association":

Bring your bicycle, helmet, bike lock, cycling clothes, & water bottle.

Clinic will be lead by Cat 1 racer, "Kristen Meshberg":


*Limited to the first (25) to register*.  Pre-reg opens on Mon, Feb 11th....


A Small Change to the Gapers Block Crits

Attention Ladies!

We've made a small change to the women's race. Due to lack of registrants for the Women's Cat 3 race, we have cancelled it for the week and have opened the remaining spots to the Women's Cat 4 race. So for you Cat 4 women who were hoping to preregister, there are now a few more <a href="">open spots</a>! The rest of the race has already sold out but please note that several spots for each race are being reserved for day-of registrants.

We're sorry to disappoint any Cat 3 women who may have been looking forward to to racing, but the demand simply wasn't there. However, we are super excited to see all of the Cat 4 Women's spots being taken up! Can't wait for race week!