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Skyway Classic Thursday Roundup

We made it to the last night!

Prelim results for the Thursday HERE.

Video by racer Jason Ward of the last Cat 5 race HERE.  Big thanks for him sharing and posting for all.

More stellar pics by the wonderful Ronit Bezalel HERE.

Omnium results and wrap up coming soon.



Skyway Classic Wednesday Roundup

Specialized brought some bikes for everyone to ogle at between their races.  Fat bikes (kind-a fitting for the rain) and women's road bikes.  Two ladies got to race super sweet steeds, what a treat!!!

Preliminary results can be found HERE.

The third video from Jason Ward of the Cat 5 race HERE.

Any pics feel free to tag as #skyway classic, #halfacrecycling

We made it through all the races and the constant rain with the rubber side down, phew!  One more night to go.

Skyway Classic Tuesday Roundup

Preliminary results HERE.  Please review and email with any questions, we've got gaps!  Results will be uploaded to USAC on Friday.

Get a glimpse of riding in the Cat 5 race #2 HERE, by rider Jason Ward.

A little worry with the weather, but racing took place to the fullest!

Skyway Classic Monday Roundup

Preliminary results HERE.  Please review and email with any questions.  Results will be uploaded to USAC on Friday.

Take a peek at some photos from night one HERE, from our teammie Soupy.

Also some pics HERE from the fabulous Ronit Bezalel.

Get a glimpse of riding in the Cat 5 race HERE, by rider Jason Ward.

An opening night thank you to all that came out to race, the officials, and sponsors. Three more nights to go!


WTB Fundraiser at the HAB Taproom

Wow!  What an amazing show of support.  For the first time Half Acre Cycling teamed up with Half Acre Beer Company to host a fundraiser to support the West Town Bikes Cyclocross program. 

For those that don't know, the WTB CX program sponsors and provides mentorship and coaching to juniors and young adults that would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in cyclocross events.  Racing requires fitness and teaches commitment and perseverance.  The skills, knowledge and friendships gained help form a socially intelligent and responsible, physically fit person.

We at HAC were very excited to be a part of this as supporting the beginner rider and bringing the sport to more folks is important to us.  Without these efforts some of us wouldn't be racing today. 

An event like this couldn't have happened without the support of our sponsors and friends.  Major hats off to Half Acre Beer Co. for allowing us to takeover their taproom, providing staff, tours, and proceeds of the beer sales.  We are so honored to represent them on the bike. 

The raffle prizes were simply above and beyond.  We created about a dozen 'super lots' so each one was well worth a few tickets.  Big thanks to:

-Knog          -Carborocket          -Specialized          -Gapers Block          -Chamois Buttr

-Active Transportation Alliance          -Johnny Sprockets          -Abus          -Chipotle

If you weren't able to attend you can still support the WTB CX program by visiting the West Town Bikes website.  There you will also learn more about the other programs they run and ways you can get involved. 


Folks anxiously awaiting the next raffle pull and/or brewery tour.

Folks anxiously awaiting the next raffle pull and/or brewery tour.

A snapshot of all the generous donated goods.

A snapshot of all the generous donated goods.

Thursday-series end, let's celebrate!

What a great series this year!  First off the first two nights had great weather and the rain held off the next two.  Many of us remember previous years where every night was a bone chiller!  I guess our rain delay dance worked.  Second, what a great showing of new racers this year.  Registration was kept busy getting those one day waivers cranking out and a few folks liked this racing thing enough to sign on for their yearly license the next day!  Whether you're a seasoned racer or a new one we hope this series acts as great kick off to your season.  Third, it takes a village to make these events go, the officials, the medical, the local PD and parks dep't, our sponsors, and of course all the members of HAC and their pals who came down to keep the course clear of debris, roving cars, and working the registration table.


A big congratulations to all of our Omnium winners.  We hope that you enjoy your prize packs. You gotta show up to win and most of you came every night.  Although we do like to think that once you toe the line no matter where you finish you've won, because it takes guts to get out there, especially if it's your first time.  Here are the daily results.  We hope to have the finalized ready to upload to USAC in the day or so.


See you at the races soon!  And when you're not riding your bike (what!?) check out our series sponsors' site, Gapers Block, for things to do and see in Chicago. 

A moment of pre-thanks for our sponsors

Attendees to the clinic today and the racers this week have and will be treated to many goodies from our sponsors.  Carborocket is providing their signature hydration beverage, Knog lights and locks, Chamois Butt'r oodles of samples, Johnny Sprockets a host for the clinic as well as a fit and tune-up for the men's omnium winners and Specialized has provided the women omnium winners with new saddles and shoes!!   We know you race for the fun and glory but a little treat at the end is always a plus.  Besides, we love our sponsors and want to share them with you.  We have to of course mention our race title sponsor, Gapers Block.  Check out our recent write up on their awesome site.  All winners will get to sport their Chicago pride with a Gapers Block tee as well.  Looking forward to a great week of racing and welcoming many new riders!!