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A Hard Fought Season Closer

A Hard Fought Season Closer

Going into last race of the WORS series, I was tied for second place overall in the
series age group. With my talented opponent grabbing the early lead he ended
up flatting in a creek crossing leaving the gate open. It was mine to win.

The course was a mudfest of sticky clay and forest loam from 2 days of rain. At one point, I was running up a steep hill basically dragging my back wheel up, then had to remount my chain at least 7 times, and whacked a post pushing my brake/shifter back to a point awkwardness to ride. Again, I had to stop, pry them back into place.

All in all I still may have caught my opponent if he hadn't flatted. I really had a good feel for the drifting effect you get in mud like that. I really feel bad for his misfortune, we both really wanted the win, so no telling what would have happened in the end. Got to hand it to him though, he finished the race on the flat. I'm feeling humble for the win and will know in a few days if I secured the 2nd place series win. It was a tough season again with some very good riders which always make it fun and exciting.

WORS#10 Sheboygan. Oct 2nd

~Rich Baumgarten

Lake Geneva - two different races in two weeks

Treadfest - WORS mountain bike series

The 10th in a series of 12 races.  A challenging course that begins with a long uphill climb forcing the riders to work hard to be first into the single track. 

Rich Baumgarten continued his quest to stay on top with his 1st place finish in the Cat 2 Sport class in his age group.  Two more races to determine if he takes overall top podium spot for the series...again.

Paul-Brian McInerney also made the journey north and put in a hard effort to nab 2nd place in the Cat 2 Comp in his age group.  This guy is ready to take on the upcoming cx season.


Lake Geneva CX - WCA series

We had our fun season preview at the CX Relay in Jackson Park a few weeks ago.  Yesterday, however, things got the full kick-off.  The Lake Geneva CX race had all the natural obstacles a cx racer would want to ride: mud, sand, climbs, and off-camber sections.  A group of our riders made the journey north to test out their early season skills.

  • Masters 45+   Paul-Brian McInerney 5th
  • Men's Cat 3  Eric Holm 10th, Bill Guy 25th
  • Men's Cat 4  Michael Sojka 25th
  • Women's Cat 3  Andrea Devine, 4th, Jen Groen 8th
  • Women's Cat 4  Ashley Heidenreich 5th
  • Masters 35+  Jen Groen 4th, Jen Mosley 7th, Laurie Chipps 8th

Next up for the cx squad will be TrekFest and then Caldwell woods, the starter to the Chicago Cross Cup series.