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Thursday-series end, let's celebrate!

What a great series this year!  First off the first two nights had great weather and the rain held off the next two.  Many of us remember previous years where every night was a bone chiller!  I guess our rain delay dance worked.  Second, what a great showing of new racers this year.  Registration was kept busy getting those one day waivers cranking out and a few folks liked this racing thing enough to sign on for their yearly license the next day!  Whether you're a seasoned racer or a new one we hope this series acts as great kick off to your season.  Third, it takes a village to make these events go, the officials, the medical, the local PD and parks dep't, our sponsors, and of course all the members of HAC and their pals who came down to keep the course clear of debris, roving cars, and working the registration table.


A big congratulations to all of our Omnium winners.  We hope that you enjoy your prize packs. You gotta show up to win and most of you came every night.  Although we do like to think that once you toe the line no matter where you finish you've won, because it takes guts to get out there, especially if it's your first time.  Here are the daily results.  We hope to have the finalized ready to upload to USAC in the day or so.


See you at the races soon!  And when you're not riding your bike (what!?) check out our series sponsors' site, Gapers Block, for things to do and see in Chicago. 

Upgrades and Gapers Block Crits

We have had several questions about whether the <a href="">Gapers Block</a> Crits will "count" for upgrades.  All decisions about upgrades are made by the USAC officiating staff at the time that you submit your online request for upgrade, however, if you crack open your handy-dandy <a href="">2010 rulebook</a>, Chapter 1, and read along, you'll find some useful information:

Starting on page 21... The events are USAC permitted, so they qualify for upgrades as outlined in 1D1.

1D2(a)The upgrade from 5 to 4 requires "Experience in 10 mass start races."  Clearly, the Gapers Block Crits qualify as "mass start races."

As for 4 to 3 upgrade points... 1D2(b) has changed this year to lower the minimum distance to 30 minutes.  Gapers Block Crits qualify for this, using the criterium points schedule at 1D2(c).  Now, here's the sticky part.  Officials considering upgrades in the past have interpreted "number of starters" for the sake of the 1D2(c) chart as the number of specifically category 4 racers in the field.  In this case of counting ONLY the 4's as "starters" for points purposes, there must be at least 5 category 4 racers in your heat to make it qualify for points.  Looking at the men's registrations, right now we have 17 4's in heat 1 and 15 in heat 2.  Naturally not all will show up each day, so the numbers will ebb and flow, but that should give you an idea of what to expect.

Unfortunately for the women's 3 field, we're not yet to the minimum of 5 for earning points, though if we do find 3 more racers, it does meet the women's minimums for distance (30 minutes).

All final decisions and interpretations, though, are made by your USAC officiating staff when you apply for the upgrade, we can by no means guarantee anything.  Hope this helps.


Weekend wrap-up: Our first podiums in 2010, and Crit Registration Notes

<b>Our first races and our first podiums (podia?) in 2010!</b>

A Half Acre Cycling crew rolled down to Springfield for the Tour de Groundhog and had some amazing results.  Three riders lined up, three riders got cold, wet, and slushy, and three riders hit the podium.  Jacob Thom took 3rd in the Juniors, Al Thom took first in the age group and overall masters, and <a href="">Ben Popper</a> won the senior race.  Jacob promises us a race report, so stay tuned for that!  And, <a href="">check out Jacob on the local news.</a>

<b>10 spaces left in men's fields!</b>
Both of our men's 4/5 heats in the Gapers Block Crits are down to 10 slots left- don't miss your chance to get the best deal in racing, 5 days for $50.  <a href="">Register now!</a>

<b>Women's 3's, where are you?</b>

We still have only two women's category three riders registered.  Unless we reach at least 5 or 6, we will have to think about either cancelling the 3's participation or collapsing into a 3/4 race.  Please, don't let this happen.  This is a cheap, fun way to train for the season-- c'mon out!


The Half Acre Cycling Race

Sure, we all show up to races hoping to win.  But sometimes, that win isn't a first place... sometimes it's just beating that dude that beat us last week.  And sometimes, that dude is a teammate.

HAC's had its own rivalries heating up on the cyclocross course this year, and among the Category 3 men, the race isn't for first in the field-- it's for first HAC finisher.

The competition started at the Ohio UCI3 weekend, where Bowers, Thomas, and Jensen battled it out for three days to see who would come out on top.  Day 1, Zach beat out Chris and Dave for the win.  Day two, though, Chris came in first followed by Dave and Zach in third.  Day three, it was Zach back on top.  You know it's on when your teammates are both "nemesis" and "victims" on your <a href=""></a> page.

Since then, they've brought the rivalry to the ChiCrossCup, where it seemed like things might get sorted out with Zach on top... until Chris pulled out the win on November 1.  And just last week, Dave bested the HAC field.  It's anyone's series!  Al just keeps getting stronger, Adrian is riding cleaner, Helge is coming on strong late in the season, Kevin's got a new bike to rocket away on, Soupy's ready to rumble, and Tim has secret sprinting powers.

Who will come out on top?  I think we'll be waiting 'till Montrose to find out.   Come on out and cheer on your favorite!