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2009 Cyclocross Athena Champion of the Universe!

Bend, OR- Half Acre Cycling's own Julie Popper thundered through the Cyclocross Nationals course on Saturday night to win the <a href="">2009 Cyclocross Athena Champion of the Universe.</a>

"I'd describe the course as murderous," commented Popper.  "I think the key to the race was the heavy drinking I did before and during the race.  I doubt I would have even started had I been sober enough to realize the dicey skating rink I was about to ride through."

Though the course was treacherously icy and rutted, Popper endured the 4-lap race without crashing her borrowed <a href="">Rock Lobster</a>, though she went down three times in her two lap warmup.  She bested a field of talented racers, including some of the Clydesdale men, and Santa Claus.

Her prize for winning this heralded title is free frites at the 2010 Cross Crusade races.

(photo: <a href="">Amy Dykema</a>)

Congratulations, Supergirl, 2009 OISCACA

Half Acre Cycling and HRS/Rock Lobster congratulate Supergirl, 2009 Official Illinois State Cyclocross Awesomeness Champion Award winner.

Supergirl was a mainstay at Chicago Cross Cup races, from Jackson Park to Montrose, always in costume, always cheering, always racing, always positive.  As part of the South Chicago Wheelmen, Supergirl also helped promote/put on one of the best CCC races of the year, too.

Most importantly, though, Supergirl helped make racing awesome for everyone, showing up early and staying late to cheer on other fields, shouting, handing-up, heckling, and encouraging.  He raced hard, then cheered hard, all with heart.

Many, many racers were awesome this year embodied the spirit of cyclocross including Petra, Greg, Flannel Mike, the Thom boys, and more, and we considered each of them for this award.   Awesomeness definitely hit a fever pitch in the series this year, and I think we all can agree that it made this year's CCC the best ever.



Presentation of 2009 OISCACA- Sunday at Montrose!


This Sunday marks the Illinois Cyclocross State Championship, but also, equally important ATMO, the presentation of the 2009 Official Illinois State Cyclocross Awesomeness Champion Award, or OISCACA.

In its second  year, this award, presented by HRS Rock Lobster and Half Acre Cycling, recognizes the team or individual who ATMO has done the most to make cyclocross awesome in 2009.  This year the competition was unusually heated, but in the end Ben Popper and the Secret Taco Bell Meeting Crew came to an agreement on the winner, whom/which we feel has contributed the most by racing, giving back, cheering, and otherwise loving the sport.  Many people race, but few people make the sport truly awesome.  We believe this award is well-deserved by its recipient.

Be there to witness the presentation immediately preceding the 4a race start at 2:40pm at the starting area.  Bring your bullhorns!


ILCXAC 2009: selection underway!

Construction and selection is underway for the 2009 Illinois Cyclocross Awesomeness Champion award, an award given to the person/s who do the most to make the Chicago Cross Cup awesome.

While 2008's winner, the <a href="">Chicago Cuttin' Crew,</a> will maintain possession of their title and trophy, an new winner and trophy will be presented at the December 6th Montrose race.  The selection committee has been out all season, and will be there for the next two weeks, looking for the loudest, most fun, most awesome rider/fan out there.

The ILCXAC recognizes that it’s not just the medal winners that make races fun but the supporters, promoters, officials, dedicated mid-pack finishers, and everyone else with a sense of humor that come together to make racing great. Every race needs podium finishers, but it takes a lot more to make folks want to come back in the cold and mud every week.  This award is our way of saying thank you the stand-outs who we all remember for how they made it all fun.

The 2008 trophy: