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Cheesy Rider

Cheesy Rider

While riding through the countryside is far superior to tight criterium courses, there are inevitably hills, organizers simply cannot resist them, and my 190lb body doesn’t really do hills.

Inspiration, from head to legs.

Inspiration, from head to legs.

My first podium and I placed 1st…. yeahhhhh!!!  This was at the Velocause Palmyra Road Race in Wisconsin on 5/23.

I do not know where to start…

For the past month I have been brainwashing myself watching or listening this “Inspirational Video” (click link) found on YouTube, even though I believe in faith and religion, inspirational lectures, famous quotes, luck or destiny are just bullshit meant to control the general population but in this case all those methods of mass/mind control that I believe are wrong, really helped me to fight my own fears.

I have been training hard, I know what I am capable to do, but that fear of failing/fading away during races freezes me once in a while.

New faces in Wisconsin; there were only two guys from xXx that I know from my little time with that team. We discussed that we were in a disadvantage because those roads are the Wisconsin racers training backyard… I was relaxed.

I did not have any idea of how the road in front of me was going to be, I did not care either; some people before the race said that this course was tough because the many hills and the increasing wind… I was relaxed.

In a 7.5 miles course this race was indeed tough from mile one; starting with a 3-5% hill for a mile, then truly rolling hills for other 2-3 miles (interval training as I see it), to close with 2-3 miles of fast open fields to the finish line... I was relaxed even there.

The whole field was together (28 people) for almost 3 laps as many unsuccessful attacks were carried by the only team with three or more riders; we were able to bring back every single one of those escapees thanks to the experience of us, the 4-5 guys at front.

I tried several times on the hills to break the field unsuccessfully pulling hard uphill, but on Saturday, the 10 or so remaining riders were really strong; with one lap to go I know that a solo win wouldn’t be possible when everyone wanted to be as close to the front looking fresh.

With ½ lap to the finish, I positioned myself at 5th, we were rolling at 28-30 miles per hour before the long downhill finish… I pushed as hard as I could without looking back just to realize that I won the race by a stretch of 2-3 bikes rolling at 43.18 miles per hour.

I still cannot believe what happened, I am not a sprinter at all… it feels rewarding to know that my own training program at my own pace, losing all that extra weight that I was carrying around helped me to achieve a win… and the inspirational bullshit.

1st to 5th places went to the 4-5 who pulled the field the whole race.

Next week is the Lapt/Trek Road Race (formerly the Kettle Moraine RR) and I am looking forward to place well there as well.