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50 track races…

I wanted to do a lot of track racing this year. I wanted to really get to know the sport. I figured the best way to do that was to just dive in and race, then race some more. The stars aligned. Schedules were checked and arrangements made. I was determined to do 50 individual races this season.

Beginning May 14th I began racing between three different velodromes each week, rotating between them (Ed Rudolph Northbrook Velodrome, Major Taylor Velodrome Indianapolis and Washington Park Velodrome Kenosha) until I found a rhythm. I ended up driving to Kenosha on Tuesdays and then to the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis on Thursdays. I figured I would be able to race 50 individual races by the end of the season.

On August 18th I did my 50th race of the season with a 5th place at Kenosha during a CAT4 unknown distance race. This has been a great season for me. I have met some incredible athletes of all ages. I have witnessed some really scary events. I have gone from a CAT4 to a CAT3 at the Major Taylor Velodrome. I participated at the American Velodrome Challenge in Indianapolis holding my own against riders in Category 1-3. I figure, by the actual end of the season somewhere around August 28th, I will be over 60 races. I have no idea what I will be doing after, probably sleeping.

-John Cline

45, 46, 47...

HAC trackie John Cline has been putting some serious travel time in this year to get out to where the action is.  Tuesdays at Kenosha Velodrome, Thursdays at Major Taylor Velodrome, sometimes a weekend training session at a track or a Monday at Northbrook... he's nonstop!

We're incredibly proud to congratulate him on his great results and cheer him on to his 50th race this season.  That's right, 50 races since the start of racing in May.  Yet, as mindboggling as it is, John's not done yet.  Something tells us he won't be hanging up the cleats 'till they shut the tracks down this fall.  Dedication is an understatement!


We just can't get enough.

"Fox River Grove,": the "Subaru Cup,": the "Lumberjack 100,": and "Northbrook Velodrome": just didn't offer enough racing for HAC for one week, so Adrian and Julie braved the traffic and crossed the cheddar curtain for some Wednesday night racing at Crystal Ridge, organized by the friendly folks at the "Metro Mountain Bikers.":  The field was small, the race was laid back, the riders were super friendly, and the time on trail was just what the doctor ordered.  Julie's race report is "here.":

Meanwhile, John Cline, traveling trackman extraordinaire, has been hitting up racing at Kenosha and Major Taylor velodromes.  He's been sharing his results and relating his stories "here.":