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Riding through the Bonk and Finding the Keep Going

Riding through the Bonk and Finding the Keep Going

I learned a new aspect of Racing With Heart this weekend at the Lumberjack 100. I went in with a lofty, but attainable, goal of 8 hours. This would top last years 8:17, albeit on a slightly different course.

My first lap put my right on the razor's edge of making 8 hours but only if I could repeat that lap time 2 more times. I've never gone even splits, so this seemed unlikely. When I lost 10 minutes in my second lap, I still had a better-than-last-year's time in mind. However, a bonk in the third lap had me just hanging on for dear life.

I was losing huge chunks of time with every climb and every stop to eat. My mind started to go to dark places. I had lost my chance at a personal record and even a "respectable" 8:30. I knew I could finish, but it began to look like even 9 hours was slipping out of my grasp. Then I thought of the kit on my back and that while my hopes had been dashed, I could still Race With Heart for the best finish possible that I could do. Came in at 8:52:43, good for 108th out of 242 in the Mens Open.

So it's back to the drawing board and back to the dirt (if this rain EVER stops) to come back stronger and faster next year.

-Mike Campbell

Side shout out:  We never achieve anything solely on our own merit. It takes the love and support of the people around us. In every attempt and finish I've achieved of the Lumberjack 100 an incredible woman has stood behind me, pushed me, picked me up, and been with me for every pedal stroke. Thank you to my wife Sophia, you are the best!

We just can't get enough.

"Fox River Grove,": the "Subaru Cup,": the "Lumberjack 100,": and "Northbrook Velodrome": just didn't offer enough racing for HAC for one week, so Adrian and Julie braved the traffic and crossed the cheddar curtain for some Wednesday night racing at Crystal Ridge, organized by the friendly folks at the "Metro Mountain Bikers.":  The field was small, the race was laid back, the riders were super friendly, and the time on trail was just what the doctor ordered.  Julie's race report is "here.":

Meanwhile, John Cline, traveling trackman extraordinaire, has been hitting up racing at Kenosha and Major Taylor velodromes.  He's been sharing his results and relating his stories "here.":


Lumberjack 100

We're super proud of Mike Campbell, HAC's trail endurance superstar, who finished the "Lumberjack 100":  last weekend with an awesome 19th place finish.  That's 100 miles of *trail* - sticky mud, twisty singletrack, and lots and lots and lots of climbing.  His race report is "here.":  Congrats, Soupy, on your truly amazing achievement!