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Camp day 4: the attempt at Mt Michell

Ben says:

We tried to climb up to <a href="">Mt. Mitchell</a> today, but at mile 13 of 30 we ran into a little bit of a road block. It was amazing! In less than about a mile we entered the cloud, saw a patch of snow and then suddenly the road was impassable. Kevin Clark <a href="">took this</a> as I rode back to the group from my recon ride. The difference in time from this picture to the one just before this in my flickr stream is about 10 minutes, maybe less.  Still did some serious climbing and enjoyed 50 mph descents!

(Photos below by Zach) 




Today at camp...

Zach sends us day 3's highlights, <a href="">tunnels</a> and <a href="">misty mountains.</a>


(Missing from photo: Jerilan and Vince)


Training camp, day 2

Jamie says:

Day 2: big brekkie, F1, 2 rides, 70 miles, ~6000 feet of climb, rain and pain. our cabin is perched on top of death mountain, 3 miles of climb that starts out at around a 12% grade... If you want to get home, you gotta earn that s**t. there isn't a flat piece of ground in Asheville, but man we are loving it!

Kate says:
lessons from riding through the Appalachian Mountains: do not use baptist churches as landmarks.

Quotes from today's rides: "Car back. Car back. Car back. Car up. Wolf." "Car back. Car up. Hole. Car back. Car back. Herd of wild turkeys. Car back." Jason: "They don't put those at the bottom of the mtn." Vince: "What?" Jason: "Radio towers." Vince: "I feel like fing Lewis and Clark." Kate: "I don't think Lewis and Clark had Garmins." Vince: "We don't either- not picking up a signal."


Half Acre Cycling training camp

Jamie reports in from Asheville:

"Day 1 recap: not enough sleep. hills. 40mph descents. one killer 6-8% gravel climb. chocolate chip cookies. hills. baby smooth Blue Ridge Parkway. hills. epic start!"