Fat bikes are in full swing! Each year it seems to be getting bigger. With more options from weekly and monthly group rides to organized race series and pop-up races in peoples backyards. So far the snow has not been a factor in the southern Midwest. but that does not stop the festivities. You don't have a fat bike? Most of the race series provide a rental service you can reserve in advance.



Zion Cyclery has a monthly group ride that heads out to Beach State Park and follows with food and drinks after in their shop. Treadheads Cycling runs a Thurday night fat ride up until March. About 1/2 to 1hr ride followed up with dinner in local eatery. There is a different location every week.


"Snow Crown" is the northern series, this is where your going to find snow. They are now part of the "Great Lake Fat Bike Series" U.P. and NE Wisconsin area. Last year I raced the first in the series up in Manitowoc. 5 inches of snow fell that week with some fresh powder the night before to up the challenge. Great series and very cool people.

This year, closer to home, I plan to race more of the "Hugh Jass Series". This series has been around for a while. Unique because, before continuing on each lap you need to pound a nail into a log "Hammaschlagen"! Again great people to ride with, food and drink available. Most of these races, 7 in all, are in lower Wisconsin. Silver Lake, two minutes from my house, is December 29th.

This past Saturday I participated in the "Backyard Fat Bike Series" in fellow WORS rider Nathan Davidson's backyard. This series is by invitation only, but friends/teammies are of course welcome. As you can imagine this is in someone's backyard, so space is limited. Each race, about 5 in all is in a backyard. My neighbor down the street is hosting the next one. I may be ready next year to host one, will see. Courses are not long, see all are time trials. Each backyard is unique to what the host has built. Nathan's were over top in radness and most all built with hand tools and sweat. 

So far the snow has held off. When it does snow that's when the real fun begins.

Hope you can join in on the fun this year. Often there are rentals available at the races and my neighbors are renting bikes for 1/2 day at $40.00. Most races are short so riding post-race is not uncommon. It's how you stay warm on cold days. You can shop around for rentals as well, I believe Zion Cyclery also rents bikes.