Race Report: IL State Championships - Willow Springs Road Race Men Cat 4

This marked my first road race as a 4 where I actually was in the mix. I felt confident and strong on the climbs, the crazy fast back stretch, and the sweeping down-hill right turn.

I was towards the front of the field on the back-side of the last lap. However, a wicked cramp in my left calf had me trying to hide and just spin. It worked OK along Archer until we turned right into the final stretch with the hilltop finish. The field kicked, and where I responded here great all morning, my leg completely locked up this time. Bummer.

C'est la vie, as I did everything right: carbo rocket in the bottles with electrolyte pills, etc etc. It was crazy hot and I give a lot of credit to our sponsor for giving me a shot at a good result. I usually wilt in the heat.

A wicked fun course and a great cap to my road/gravel season. Now, to shut it down for a couple of weeks and then get back to base miles for cross season.

- Bill Palmieri-Guy