Last Saturday was the first scheduled Women's Dirt Day of the year, so it was pretty disappointing when I realized that torrential rain from Thursday night was going to make the singletrack unridable.  Would people still come out? Not everyone knows our rainy day secret: the paths at Swallow Cliffs, a short ride across the canal, offer plenty of fun and excitement and even some quad-burning climbs.  

As luck would have it our core group of five was all able to make it, and we were joined by four more women who were not going to let a little rain deter them.  Even better, our group was a well matched group of strong, experienced riders, the sun was out, and the temperature was hovering around 70 degrees.  This day was looking up! 

We headed over to Swallow Cliffs at a social spin and slowly racheted up the pace from there. Soon we were crashing through icy rivulets, hopping over downed branches and deep ruts, and bombing down muddy descents.  Our little group included a range of ages and bikes (including Andrea, shredding on her CX rig) but with a single purpose--to have a good workout, to get dirty, and have a lot of fun in the process.  Mission accomplished.  

Jen Mosley