What a great series this year!  First off the first two nights had great weather and the rain held off the next two.  Many of us remember previous years where every night was a bone chiller!  I guess our rain delay dance worked.  Second, what a great showing of new racers this year.  Registration was kept busy getting those one day waivers cranking out and a few folks liked this racing thing enough to sign on for their yearly license the next day!  Whether you're a seasoned racer or a new one we hope this series acts as great kick off to your season.  Third, it takes a village to make these events go, the officials, the medical, the local PD and parks dep't, our sponsors, and of course all the members of HAC and their pals who came down to keep the course clear of debris, roving cars, and working the registration table.


A big congratulations to all of our Omnium winners.  We hope that you enjoy your prize packs. You gotta show up to win and most of you came every night.  Although we do like to think that once you toe the line no matter where you finish you've won, because it takes guts to get out there, especially if it's your first time.  Here are the daily results.  We hope to have the finalized ready to upload to USAC in the day or so.


See you at the races soon!  And when you're not riding your bike (what!?) check out our series sponsors' site, Gapers Block, for things to do and see in Chicago.