Folks that skipped last night missed out on some good racing.  It was a bit nipply out but the wind calmed a bit by race time and NO rain.  As for today, although it poured all morning the forecast is hinting at a reprieve during race times.   Whooot!


Wednesday prelim results have been input here.  But folks may want to take a peek at the Omnium standings.  Right now the top three Cat 5 gents are very close, tonights race could make the difference for one of them.  In the Cat 4/5 race 1st and 2nd are tied!!  Gotta race to get those points gents and watch out for 3rd, he's hot on your heels.  As for the ladies, 1st has a clear lead, but a no-show tonight and a 1st place win by 2nd could take the overall!


I should also mention that our sponsors have ponied up some AMAZING prizes this year.  A late addition to the prize packs are free massage sessions at HPIChicago.  Much needed after four nights of racing.  Johnny Sprockets is providing a bike fit and a bike tune-up for the gents.  Specialized is hooking up our women winners with shoes, saddles and gloves!  Also, some lucky folks will be getting full tubs of CarboRocket beverage, tubes of Chamois Butt'r, powerful lights and locks from Knog.  Whaaaat?!?!  Makes a possible race in the rain seem worth it to me.