Fantastic weather!  (you can tell how trying our winter was by how often we start our posts with this factoid of the report). A fantastic amount of riders toed the line this weekend for Hillsboro Roubaix.  Our riders put their legs to the test and are starting to work on their 'ride smarter not harder' mantra.  In road races, having teammates to motivate you to hang on to the pack or pull you up when needed is really awesome and seeing the success of each other makes the hard effort even more worth it at the end.

We've got links to some race reports here:

--view from the men's Cat 4 pelton by John Orleans

--view from the  women's Cat 3 peleton by Andrea Devine

Here are some added thoughts from the team:

"This is the first race of the year where I got to collapse afterwards with my face in a warm grassy field with flowers."  Jacob Ortony

"I haven't enjoyed a road race in a long time as much as I did yesterday"  Andres Quiros

"You never know how many matches there are until they're gone."   Jen Groen

Results are yet to be posted but congrats to all that raced and speedy healing to those that acquired some new bumps and lumps!