Attendees to the clinic today and the racers this week have and will be treated to many goodies from our sponsors.  Carborocket is providing their signature hydration beverage, Knog lights and locks, Chamois Butt'r oodles of samples, Johnny Sprockets a host for the clinic as well as a fit and tune-up for the men's omnium winners and Specialized has provided the women omnium winners with new saddles and shoes!!   We know you race for the fun and glory but a little treat at the end is always a plus.  Besides, we love our sponsors and want to share them with you.  We have to of course mention our race title sponsor, Gapers Block.  Check out our recent write up on their awesome site.  All winners will get to sport their Chicago pride with a Gapers Block tee as well.  Looking forward to a great week of racing and welcoming many new riders!!