There are a multitude of things that need to come together in a cyclocross race to have any kind of "winning" results. Text book stuff, like proper rest, nutrition, training, smooth transitions, picking the right lines, etc. But there's one that people don't talk much about. Maybe because it's more of an implied factor. To me though, this is the one thing that I've been chasing and I'm not sure how or why it finally clicked.

I call it "battle". Now, some people just seem to be programmed for it. Not this gal. Until recently, my best shot at it was hoping every thing else mentioned above lined up. I feel it now though. It's in my belly.

Spoiler alert: I'm not setting the stage for a big come-uppance story. I rather loathe the start line brawls and might never embrace what it takes to cut up through that mess. But I have patience, which is fairly valuable in cx. Their mistake could be my gain (or vice versa).

I feel this new mentality driving me forward in races and I relish it....

~ Jen Groen