Step One: Combine 25 women of different cycling backgrounds (works best when you include everyone from Cat 1 racers to never-been-on-a-mountain-bike-before riders).

Step Two: Put them on mountain bikes and send them on a 9-mile journey that includes riding through an 18 inch deep river.

Step Three: Drench liberally in the pouring rain.

Step Four: Thickly coat them with a layer of sand and grit.

Step Five: Keep them fed with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks.

This procedure should yield 25 smiling, friendly, supportive, eager-to-do-it-again lady mountain bikers.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Women’s Dirt Ride, Julia Daher and XXX-Athletico, Nancy Fallon-Houle and the fine folks at CAMBr, and everyone else who worked to make this a great day.  We’ll do it again soon!