(From Jamie Sanchez, men's heat 1): The conditions were so much better last night. Still a little windy (10 mph)... 42 starters.

I was on a warm-up lap when they made the call to the line so by the time I got there I had to start near the back. I got clipped in fine at the start but the two guys ahead of me were super slow getting clipped in, it took me valuable seconds to get up to speed as a result. The initial break about half a lap in was covered by about half the field. (The break yesterday got away and people weren't about to let it happen again.) Unfortunately I was still working my way through the field and was caught on the wrong side of the split. Lesson learned, don't start at the back and if you do, get to the front ASAP.

I spent the next lap bridging the gap with one other rider from another team (xXx) alternating pulls. We caught the lead group of 20-25 riders and settled in. Huge victory just being able to bridge a gap successfully.

The rest of the race was fun as hell. Super close riding (shoulder rubbing at times) with lots of little bursts of acceleration to test the field and one or two attacks. One of my teammates, Stan, was in the group and he went off the front hard with like 3 laps to go. He got a pretty good gap before the field responded and when they did it fractured our group pretty good. His move didn't stick but it shed enough riders to where I was in a really good position. Thanks Stan!

I ended up finishing 8th overall and 2nd in Cat 5. My sprint didn't suck as bad as it did the first night, I improved position even.