O'Fallon, IL was the scene. it was hotter than two rats doing it in a wool sock behind a wood burning stove.

we took off nice and easy on lap 1 and it soon became apparent that no one wanted to work, guys were peeling off the front and looking back waiting for someone to come up and take a pull. it was during one of these exchanges that I decided to take an 8-mile "flyer" off the front to get some camera time for our sponsors. all the motorcycles and flashbulbs were a distraction but this is life at the front... you get used to it. after awhile I felt like our great sponsors got adequate time so I came back to the field and recovered for the rest of lap 1. during this time, Todd did a lot of work countering moves here and there and generally controlling the pace. the rest of us did a nice job getting organized behind and we all got in position for the final climb/attack. Adrian made a key move on the inside to get me into perfect position. the lead-out started with Isaiah who took off like a rocket. Patrick was there. Todd was there. the pace was fast and everyone was looking for daylight and it was hard to stay organized. Todd and I realized that the centerline rule no longer applied so we found space on the left and went that way. it was so cool approaching the line. we had 4 guys in great position going for it. I crossed the line in 2nd. Todd-3rd. Isaiah-4th (sick lead-out!). Patrick-6th. we were bummed not to get the win but were super stoked about how we worked as a team. after the race, so many riders came up to us and complimented us on our teamwork.

so after about 3 hours and as many gallons of water consumed we FINALLY got our race results. there were rumors of centerline disqualifications in some of the races (~10 racers were DQ'd in the Cat 4 race alone!!!) and it turns out that the winner of our race was nailed on the final climb advancing his position. I felt bad for him because he's a nice kid and that's not the way I wanted to win a race but what am I supposed to do? I think the answer is CELEBRATE! and we did with an all Half Acre podium.

the O'Fallon trip was also highlighted with busted toilets, pet cemetery, the world's largest catsup bottle, snakes and tornadoes.

 -Jamie Sanchez