Wake-up call Saturday Morning: 3:30am CDT

Miles flow from ATL to ORD: 606

Time in car (Chicago to Winona Lake round-trip): 6 hours

Category entered: 3 (30-39)

Miles of 1 lap of Winona Lake Trail: 10

Chains broken due to me being dumb: 1

Miles run to finish the race: 4 (approximate)

Place finished: 14/30

Place i would have finished were there no mechanicals: 1

Beers drank Saturday night at Toyota Park: 4 12oz cans

Score: 1-1 (Fire vs Chivas USA)

Wake-up call Sunday Morning: 6:30am CDT

Time in car (Chicago to Fort Custer round-trip): 5 hours

Category entered: 30-34 (Sport)

Miles of 1 lap of Fort Custer Stampede: 9

Laps in Sport Class: 2

Place finished: 3/???

Delicious tempeh sloppy joes consumed at Bell's Brewery post-race: 2

High-fives at team meeting Sunday night: 11ty,000,000,000

My high score vs Ronit's high score at Millipede: 8635 vs 34855

Would do it all over again (boolean): 1