Joe Henry and I did Big Frog 65 (65 mile mountain bike race held in conjunction with the <a href="">Cohutta 100</a>) on 4/24 and kicked bootie. Well, the 11,000 feet of climbing, 3+ inches of rain, splitting tree lighting and a pro womens field may have handed it to me, but I'm incredibly happy that I finished especially when 40% of the field did not. Teammate Joe Henry and I both pushed through in some treacherous conditions while he ended up battered, bruised and muddy. I ended up muddy and without a front brake.

Gerrerd did a great job as our race bi+ch since he broke his collar bone a few weeks ago.

It was a very well run race, incredibly friendly crowd and even with all the horrific mud, rain and climbing I'd be happy to do it all over again. Although for this year, as Joe said, TGIO (Thank God It's Over).

Pictures <a href="">here</a>.

 -Julie Abrams