Woodsock was women's day for Half Acre.  Six ladies toed the line, Kristin in her first race, Martinique in her second, and Jen and Ariel in their third...this cross thing is hard to resist.  This was my fifth and best race so far.  I, who said, yeah maybe I'll do one or two but that is all.  As usual at the start I saw Julie bolt ahead into the mix out in front, those grip shifters are a sercret weapon to be wreckoned with along with her moxy.   The joy I felt standing shoulder to shoulder in all that blue was quickly blurred as I tried to stay on the course and not ride into the tire of Amy from Team Mack, damn that is one sweet bike.  Wait, must focus on taking this corner. 


I felt pretty good going into the race having done my first easy pace road ride with the team the previous morning.  I guess vegging out on junkfood and Hulu the day before a race is not successful prep...well, we learn as we go.  The course was not very technical and contained several short uphill climbs, for some reason I'm good at those.  I think I power up them to get them over with quicker.  Where I lost time on turns and fast sprints I gained on the climbs passing riders each go round.  I caught up to Julie and managed to just squeak by her on the last lap.

Had my first beer handup that lap, why hadn't I taken advantage of those before?  Although somewhere in the process I bonked my knee causing a small cut, my first cross blood!  I crossed the line feeling pretty good and excited to hear how everyone else did.  Smiles all round, beers quickly in hand, a successful day for the ladies of Half Acre.   It's that great feeling that make the nerves at the start seem so silly and make one say, how long till the next race?

-Erica Chianese