Sorry about that awkward silence, but sometimes you're just doing so much that you can't stop to talk about it.  For starters, we had an amazing field of riders tackle the State Championship Road Race on Saturday.  We didn't win any races but we had a great time and scored some good finishes, and word on the street is the bar tab was EPIC.  You can read accounts by <a href="">Dave,</a> <a href="">Julie,</a> and <a href="http://zthomas.">Zach.</a>

Sunday our dirtheads went north for WORS Treadfest, and a handfull of HACers tackled the ski hill and braved the rock garden.  Fields were fast, the sun and heat on that open hill were rough, but folks stuck it out and came back with a smile.

But who can ignore what's coming this weekend?  More than a dozen HAC riders head to the North for Chequamegon 40 on Saturday, and even more will be toughing it it out on Sunday in Jackson Park.  These are both events we've been preparing for months for, it's exciting that they're finally here.  We'll see you out there!