Northbrook cross, super stars, ...

Half Acre Cycling took Northbrook Cross by storm, with our two superstar riders once again shining in the juniors and 4b's.  Evan came to his first cross race with <a href="">great determination</a>-- and didn't take last!-- and <a href="">Jacob scored a $20 handup</a> in the 4b's, more than a week's allowance, from what I've heard.  And their dad Al scored a 2nd place in the highly competitive Masters 50+ field.  Topping it off was our highly successful heckling section, including <a href="">Helge, making his small-screen debut.</a>

Congrats also to Ariel and Jeremy for finishing their first 'cross race ever, and to the rest of the Half Acre Crew for racing with heart-- we 15 riders line up for a total of 17 races yesterday.  AND we provided a full 50% of the officiating support, to boot.

Check out Jeremy showing off that track moves work for CX too:

!! (image: <a href="">Luke</a>)