Sunday started by greetings with the other Half Acre's and to talk about each others goals. A few of us had 2 races but wanted to make some noise. With Chris confident he can keep the field in control, he recommended we all take a turn at the front, and keep to the front. We lined up near the front, it was 6 Half Acres and we had a plan.

Chris did exactly what we thought, after Jeremiah and I took a turn at the front, Chris maintained tempo of the race with a few other guys. We lost Ryan to a chain on lap 1, and Tim hit the front so hard he went to the back, Bryan stayed closer to the front. With the primes, we stayed on "alert mode" in the front and never let anyone get away, thanks in huge part to Chris.

With 3 laps to go I was expecting a rush to the front, so I stayed focused on keeping my position, the pace increased, I could see new riders near the front and I kept them away from slipping in, I was defending my position and ready to sprint at any point.

With the last lap bell, there was a push to the front and after turn 2...Jeremiah went completely off!! Taking a flyer up the side, with a few wheels on him, Jeremiah was at sprint pace, and as a result he strung out the front to a single line of about 10 riders into corner 4. I saw a bunch take a wide line and go around him, I took a slightly tighter line and started on a sprint to someone further ahead. I pushed as hard as I could and made up all the ground and crossed the line just short of his front wheel. An exhilarating and satisfying end to a very hot race!

If I were to ever have a race where our team could create the perfect plan to send me sprinting to the finish line, this was it. I can't say enough about my teamates Chris and Jeremiah, they created this to happen, and their efforts put Half Acre on the podium! Thanks guys.

 -Tom MacNeill-Zimmerman