A full field @ 75. Only my 3rd criterium; not as nervous as the June 17 event. From the gun, I decided to contest a minor attack in 2nd lap then proceeded to lead out 2 more. Feeling too good, I tried to get Tom to tag team off the front, but he had the wisdom to hold back. Then…I fell back into peloton in the 1st prime lap.

As on 06-17, someone took turn 4 too hot and crashed (almost into the port-a-potties). This time it happened in the 2nd half of pack towards end of race. Nobody else affected and no injuries. And, kudos to the Chicago Park District/Soldier Field for filling the huge pothole between turns 3-4.

A rider directly behind me much of the race with deep carbon wheels seemed to produce a small cloud of smoke in each Turn 4; that was interesting.  I guess my low-tech conventional wheels didn’t slow me down too much.

Moved into the 1st half of the peloton in last 4 laps. Did not quite catch up with Joe and Tom. I never saw Jeremiah after the start (though our basic strategy was to stay in the 1st half). Safely finished around 30th. It was an exhilarating experience; can’t wait until next race.

Awesome representation from our Half Acre Cycling mates: Dave, Vince, Helge and Zach.

Very well run event; there were even sponsors with ‘podium girls’ June 17 (Pepsi Max) and July 1 (Tequila Don Modesto). Almost like the grand European tours.

Looking forward to a bit of team strategy in future races. And, we should figure out how to bring in some Half Acre Beer to these events; hey, it’s a football stadium parking lot!

 -Jeremy Treister